2019 Spring

The following lists the months March, April, and May.

  •  Birthdays
    • Taka
    • David
    • Lorianne
  • Residential sessions
    • Hirotaka
  • Special event
    • Anime Central 2019
  • Tournaments
    • 2019 Northwestern Spring Open
    • Tornado Alley Regional Open (Facebook event)
    • 2019 Anime Central mahjong tournament (Results)
  • Yakuman
    • Anthony (Kokushi Musou)
  • Break
    • Al (last weekend of May, first weekend of June)
  • New players
    • Ash
    • Keith
    • Mike

CAM Tournament System Proposal

Due to some demand, we will set up a club tournament system.  This will be a semi-annual system, where a set of games will be recorded for tournament purposes.  Instead of dedicating one session for tournament play, single games will be spread throughout a season (Summer, Winter) for tournament records.  This ensures a balance between casual and competitive play.

For the record, casual play still takes priority in order to ensure a general positive play environment.  Thus, competitive play will only happen when convenient.

Players may register for tournament play, and tournament play is not mandatory for all club members.  This is offered to interested players.  An entry fee will be charged.  Amounts will be placed for seasonal prizes and the end-of-year prize (month of May).  For now, prizes may be geared towards gift cards to various area stores.  If possible, we can get some kind of sponsorship.  We will see how this system evolves.

Tournament games will be scheduled along assigned match tables, where players play out their tournament games at their convenience.  A general maximum of two tournament games may be played for any weekend, as casual play is still important.

Game counts will depend on the number of participating players.  The tournament system per half-year will reflect on that.

Further details will be worked out upon planning and implementation.

2019 Anime Central Schedule

The ACEN Master Post.

Once again, we are entering ACEN week; and I shall lay out our mahjong activities for this week.

Wednesday. Mahjong at Hyatt Place: Chicago O’Hare
6810 Mannheim Rd, Rosemont.

Thursday. ACEN pre-registration. Mahjong will be played at the Hyatt Regency Red Bar.

All ACEN: Mahjong gets a dedicated table top gaming room this year at the Mirabel Room.

Friday. ACEN Day 1. Freeplay, if enough interested, then we can do a mock up Saki style team relay.
Panel: Japanese Mahjong 101 Intro (12:00 -1:00 PM)

Saturday. ACEN Day 2. Tournnament (Scheduled for 2:00 PM start, but will delay to 4:00 PM)
Panel: Japanese Mahjong 201 Strategies (11:30-12:30)

Sunday: ACEN Day 3: Freeplay.

Other events:
Mai Nakahara (Saki Achiga anime VA for Teru Miyanaga)

Friday: Meet panel: (9:00-10:00 PM)
Autograph signing (7:30-8:30 PM)

Saturday: Q&A (12:45-1:45 PM)
Autograph signing (2:15-3:15 PM)

Sunday: Autograph signing (3:00-4:00 PM)

All autograph signing sessions require a ticket. All ticket distribution times are from 11:00-12:00 during each ACEN Day.

For any other ACEN event interests, see the ACEN Guidebook.


Mahjong Life Lesson Series

It wasn’t until a few years ago, when I started comparing the decision making process to mahjong to life itself.  Though, over the years, I’ve generally connected mahjong play to our identities; at the very least, I connect my own.

With this, I am opening up this blog to a series of entries tied to Mahjong Life Lessons.  To quote Japanese Mahjong Professional League Player, Hiroshi Yamai, mahjong is a battle against oneself.  This isn’t limited to just one game.  It is tied to our overall trends while playing the game and beyond.

Two Road Mahjong

No, this is not a separate set of mahjong rules.  Instead, the past two Saturdays involved mahjong out-of-state.

On the 16th, we went to Anime Milwaukee.  There, we played most of the day at the Wisconsin Center to unofficially attend the convention.  Our main reason involves Sue, whose access to mahjong is severely limited.

On the 23rd, I took it upon myself to attend the Ann Arbor-Columbus tournament.  Within minutes upon my arrival, the tournament began and the adrenaline from driving all morning aided with my game.  At the end of the day, I won the whole tournament.

Both cases involved driving sessions longer than two hours and very long days.  I much rather enjoy driving and to purpose mahjong made the time even better.  In any case, I shall do a more detailed write up sometime later.

Tournament Participation

Club members are encouraged to participate in out-of-state riichi tournaments.  Speaking from experience, they are a lot of fun.  In addition to competitive play, they are have an opportunity to meet people, primarily other players, from the country and beyond.  Of course, participation is not mandatory; but they do enhance the overall mahjong experience.  Everyone will just have to see for themselves.

In doing so, club members attending mahjong activity beyond our circles represent the club and mahjong vicinity as a whole.  Thus, this is a general request: As club members, you represent the club and our metropolitan area.  In this regard, mahjong ability is secondary to our behavior.  Here, we play with good sporting fashion and apply respect with some fun.

Naturally, at tournaments, we will be pulling for you from home with the hope of good tournament results.  Of course, mahjong is a strange game, where everyone regardless of skill either wins or loses depending on the tiles.

Safe mahjong travels.