Tournament Participation

Club members are encouraged to participate in out-of-state riichi tournaments.  Speaking from experience, they are a lot of fun.  In addition to competitive play, they are have an opportunity to meet people, primarily other players, from the country and beyond.  Of course, participation is not mandatory; but they do enhance the overall mahjong experience.  Everyone will just have to see for themselves.

In doing so, club members attending mahjong activity beyond our circles represent the club and mahjong vicinity as a whole.  Thus, this is a general request: As club members, you represent the club and our metropolitan area.  In this regard, mahjong ability is secondary to our behavior.  Here, we play with good sporting fashion and apply respect with some fun.

Naturally, at tournaments, we will be pulling for you from home with the hope of good tournament results.  Of course, mahjong is a strange game, where everyone regardless of skill either wins or loses depending on the tiles.

Safe mahjong travels.


Tenhou Tuesday

This has been an interesting development since the month of May.

Every week since, a number of us across the country regularly play in the 7863 lobby of  This regular session of online mahjong has been branded as Tenhou Tuesday.  It took a life of its own, as we established a Discord channel where we normally converse via voice chat.  In a sense, we are simulating the casual club play environment; and this environment provided players another opportunity to become mahjong friends.

Personally, my first game was May 9; and I have been consistence in my weekly attendance.  Needless to say, my involvement with mahjong has been overstretched.  Yet, I keep coming for more.  Anthony, Erik, and Tim have joined some sessions as well.  It was nice to see club members here participating too.

The North American Open provided a venue for a number of us to meet face-to-face.  Some of us have already met at past events across the country via mahjong tournaments, especially the 2017 World Riichi Championship.  Thus, most of the player base here are already familiar with each other.  At the same time, we’ve managed to drag in a number of individuals from our respective clubs and circles.

Whether she admits it or not, this gathering has been spear headed by Tina. She basically establishes the channel’s norms with one main central rule: “Don’t be a dousche”.  In other words, everyone plays nice; and we maintain a good playing environment.  Eventually, we even managed to throw in some alcoholic drinking, where we adults drink responsibly.  At the same time, she used a tool from to generate our game results, which do not matter.  It is casual play for fun, yet we still try our best to win.

Recent developments surrounding Tina may have us change the regular day from Tuesday, as she has accepted a new job in Japan.  At this point, we will see how things go.

Last Game with Vincent

The following is the last game with Vincent, before he left Illinois for California in pursuit of a Master’s Degree in Computer Science at the University of Southern California.  This game was played at the usual Starbucks on the evening after the 2018 picnic.

  • Turn order:
    1. East: Hirotaka
    2. South: Vincent
    3. West: Takahiro
    4. North: Aldwin
  • Kyoku:
    1. E 1-0: Hirotaka to Aldwin (mangan).  Aldwin riichi.
    2. E 2-0: Hirotaka to Takahiro (2000).
    3. E 3-0: Vincent tsumo (2000/1000).  Vincent riichi.
    4. E 4-0: Aldwin to Vincent (1300).
    5. S 1-0: Takahiro to Aldwin (mangan).
    6. S 2-0: Vincent tsumo (1300 all).  Vincent riichi.
    7. S 2-1: Ryuukyoku.  Takahiro tenpai.  Takahiro riichi.
    8. S 3-2: Hirotaka to Aldwin (mangan).  Takahiro, Vincent, Aldwin riichi.
    9. S 4-0: Takahiro to Vincent (mangan).  Vincent, Takahiro riichi.

Result: (still to be tabulated)

  1. Aldwin
  2. Vincent
  3. Hirotaka
  4. Takahiro
The four of us still arranged in seat order after the game, along with club members (to be named in the picnic article).

2018 North American Open

Time has passed since the 2018 North American Open.  As part of the planning committee, it was nice seeing a tournament of 70+ entrants.  Many familiar faces were seen again while a number of new ones were met for the first time.

Though, I must confess.  Going into that trip, I did utter words such as “get this over with” and such.  My initial impression of New York City was not too great from my 2015 trip.  However, I had left the city with a much better impression this time around.  In fact, it is tempting to return again someday.  Just thinking about my overall experience from the weekend of October 12-15 makes me happy.

As fr our club, two of us were in attendance.  I finished 30th with a positive score of 13.7.  I managed to pull this off without winning a single game; yet, I did not lose a game either.  Takahiro finished 39th with a negative score of -11.6.    His case includes winning a game mixed with some thirds.  Our score sheets are pictured.  Upon completion of our tournament games, we concluded that we ended up playing our usual “ playing style”.  Unfortunately, this is not conducive for tournament play.  So, somehow we will have to find a way to handle tournament conditions.

We also thank our gracious host from Airbnb with our stay in New York City.  Mahjong is not just about playing games.  It is also about meeting people along the mahjong journey.  Our host is definitely included.

Moving forward we seek to run a tournament of our own here in the Chicago area.  Hopefully, we acquire a venue in the Rosemont area.  Otherwise, we may have to consider other locations.  At this point, we seek a venue.  Once we have that, we have a set date.  Initially, we wanted a spring date within the month of April.  However, the Oklahoma tournament pushes us out of that month.  To be honest, I would have preferred a later date anyways.


Life through Mahjong (ver 0.1)

This is no understatement.  I managed to develop a life through mahjong.  For many people with a passion for something, this is true for anything they do.  In my case, I invested myself into mahjong personally.

Looking back, I just cannot believe it.  So much time has passed ever since I began learning this game.  Along the way, I’ve learned and met many people.  We each have our mahong journeys.  Some have come and go.  So far with the club, we have been fortunate enough to have a reliable core group.

Here is to 2019 coming up.

2018 Autumn Mahjong

Mahjong for 2018 during the months of September, October, and November:

  • Residential mahjong
    • Hiro
      • Including a mini-tourney
    • Tim
  • North American Open
  • Area clubs
    • GG Chicago (new)
  • Yakuman
    • Tim (Suuankou)
    • Anthony (Shousuushii)
  • Non-regular sessions
    • Gaming Goat (Chicago)
  • Guests
    • Steve (SE Michigan)
    • Jesse (GG Chicago)
    • Josh (UBC)
  • Personal
    • My injury month of September into early October

If necessary, some of these list items will have a separate entry.

Bulk Writing

It has been difficult keeping up with weekly postings.  So, I may make it a point to recollect our mahojng sessions in bulk on a quarterly basis.  This is essentially synchronous to the seasons, though offset by a month.

  • Summer: June, July, August
  • Autumn: September, October, November
  • Winter: December, February, January
  • Spring: March, April, May

This equally divides our calendar year of June 1 to May 31.

Hopefully, I can keep up with this blogging schedule.  Some things that I may note:

  • Special sessions
  • Non-public regular sessions
  • Special events
  • Yakuman
  • Other unusual mahojng
  • Membership changes
  • Policy notes
  • Other notes